Urgent Humanitarian Appeal:

Assisting Afghan Returnee Refugees from Pakistan

The world faces an urgent humanitarian crisis, with approximately 225,000 Afghan returnee refugees who have come back from Pakistan desperately in need of assistance. These resilient individuals have endured hardships beyond imagination, now residing under the open sky, exposed to harsh conditions. They lack shelter, access to clean water, sanitation facilities, healthcare, and face a severe food crisis. This is an earnest plea to international organizations, the private sector, and compassionate individuals to unite and provide essential aid to these vulnerable populations.

The Afghan Returnee Refugee Crisis from Pakistan: The current refugee crisis stems from the prolonged instability in Afghanistan, leading to the displacement of thousands of Afghan nationals who had sought refuge in neighbouring Pakistan. With evolving circumstances, many decided to return to their homeland, only to confront dire living conditions. These Afghan returnee refugees, including women, children, and the elderly, now find themselves in an unforgiving situation, struggling to meet even their most basic needs.

Challenges Facing Afghan Returnee Refugees:

  1. Shelter Shortage: Many refugees have no access to safe and stable shelter, making them vulnerable to extreme weather conditions.
  2. Clean Water and Sanitation: Access to clean drinking water and proper sanitation facilities is scarce, causing significant health concerns, particularly for children and the elderly.
  3. Healthcare: Healthcare services are critically lacking, leaving many with unmet medical needs, compounding their suffering.
  4. Food Crisis: The food security situation is dire, and many families experience constant hunger and malnutrition, making it a severe health risk.

The Urgent Need for Assistance: The situation of Afghan returnee refugees from Pakistan is a grave and immediate humanitarian crisis that warrants prompt intervention. These vulnerable lives are in jeopardy, and they urgently require our support to survive and regain their dignity. It is our moral responsibility to extend a helping hand.

How You Can Make a Difference:

  1. Support NGOs: Numerous non-governmental organizations are actively engaged in delivering relief to Afghan returnee refugees. Your donations can make a significant impact on their lives.
  2. Collaborate with the UN: The United Nations and its affiliated agencies lead efforts to address this crisis. Supporting these organizations can ensure a coordinated and effective response.
  3. Private Sector Engagement: Businesses and companies can make a substantial contribution by providing financial support, resources, or even offering employment opportunities to the refugees.
  4. Volunteer: If you have skills, time, or resources to spare, consider volunteering directly with organizations involved in relief efforts.
  5. Advocate and Raise Awareness: Utilize your platform to share information about the Afghan returnee refugee crisis and engage your network to raise awareness. More awareness translates into more support mobilization.


The Afghan returnee refugee crisis, particularly those returning from Pakistan, is an urgent humanitarian emergency that requires the collective effort of the global community. With every passing day without proper assistance, more lives are at risk. Let us unite and extend our support to those in desperate need, providing Afghan returnee refugees with shelter, clean water, healthcare, and urgently needed food assistance. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who have already endured immense hardship. Your support is pivotal in addressing this crisis, and together, we can provide hope and relief to those who need it most.

Together, we can make a meaningful
difference in the lives of those who have already endured immense hardship. 



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