Originally Founded in 1861 as a Baptist Church.
Registered as an Inter-Denominational Community Church in the 1950s
Who We Are
Inter-Denominational Community Church

East Nissouri Union Church is one of a few registered Inter-Denominational churches in Canada.

Our worship is designed to meet the spiritual needs of Christ-followers attending whilst holding onto the traditions of the church.

We have the reputation of being the friendliest church in the area where everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate in the life and work of the church.

Our Missions work is extensive and our members are actively involved within our communities.

East Nissouri Union Church Constitution

Our Motto:

Thy Word is Truth

Our Purpose:

To make possible a place where Christians of different denominations may worship together under a common fellowship in Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Saviour.

Our Commission:

To serve the community by teaching Christ Crucified For Our Sins; Risen For Our Redemption; Sitting On The Right Hand Of God For Our Salvation; and to Glorify God Through Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Saviour.



A Person…

1.  May become a member of East Nissouri Union Church by presenting a letter of membership from a church of any recognized denomination which believes in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour.

2.  May become a member of East Nissouri Union Church by presenting a Statement of Confirmation of his or her membership in a denomination which believes in Jesus Christ as Our Lord and Saviour.

3.  Without church affiliation may become a member of East Nissouri Union Church by making a Declaration of Faith, attending a prescribed course of instruction, accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, and upon being baptized according to the denomination of his or her choice.

The Physical Union of the Church:

1.  It shall be truly interdenominational.

2.  ENUC is governed by a board that consists of at least five and up to eleven members, including the chairperson, past chairperson, treasurer, and secretary. All members of our board are seen as equals.  In order for a board member to be eligible to serve as Chairperson they must serve on the board for a minimum of two years before they are available to put their name forward for Chairperson.

3.  Morning services are preferred.

4.  Ministers shall be chosen by the congregation from the denomination of their choice by a democratic means.

5.  Monies may be raised for the support of the church by recognized means such as tithes and offerings, yearly gifts, bequeaths, and by banquets and bazaars held in the basement of the church.

6.  Members may contribute to the mission of their choice by designating their preference on their church envelope, or by instructing the Treasurer of the church of their intentions.

7.  Each new member shall receive the Right Hand of Fellowship from the Board of Elders as a gesture of courtesy.

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