From the Gospel of Mark, April 8th 

Mark 16:15  Jesus said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” 

On Sunday April 8th Pastor Katie wrapped up our series on the Gospel of Mark. Pastor Katie reminded us that the beginning of the Gospel reminds us of the beginning of Jesus and that this is also His creation story. She also reminded us that the scriptures as we know them wouldn’t be possible without 100’s of other stories too. God had a plan for everything and that plan was to bring Jesus to this world.

Pastor Katie reminded us that through the Resurrection of Jesus that the story is not over its just beginning. Our work is not over, we are called to share the story to the whole of creation.

Earlier in the week on April the 3rd the Union Church Women held their monthly meeting at ENUC. We invited guest speaker Stacey Watten from the Canadian Mental Health Association (CHMA) to join us for the evening. Stacey described the work of CHMA in Woodstock and also spoke to us about dealing with depression, anxiety and suicide. She outlined the signs of each and gave helpful suggestions for us to help others or even ourselves when facing these in our own lives.

As always thanks for reading.

Until next time,

Sheila Greason


From the Gospel of Mark Chapter 11, March 25th Palm Sunday

On Sunday March 25th we heard from the Gospel of Mark chapter 11: 1-11 which is the telling of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey.

A meaningful Palm Sunday Service was held at East Nissouri Union Church this past Sunday. Our Sunday School Children, accompanied by Alex Matheson on her ukulele, opened the service and presented the Palms along with a short program.

A video was shown depicting the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem and a short skit was presented by adult members of the congregation. The skit was a mock news cast depicting what it might have been like had a news crew been present the day Jesus rode into Jerusalem. It was brilliantly acted out by our congregation and a wonderful way to experience the story of Jesus’ arrival into Jerusalem from a new perspective.

Our message on Sunday minded us that Palm Sunday is mentioned in all four of the Gospel accounts and the arrival of Jesus on the donkey was foretold in the Old Testament. We were also reminded of the contrast that would soon happen in the week to follow. The crowds would go from singing shouts of praise and welcome to those of fear and rejection. But we should not carry that guilt with us into the world. Rather we should carry the hope of the risen Christ with us as we know the end of this story. It will be life not death!

We were joined this Sunday by John Uren who provided us with lovely music for our Palm Sunday celebrations. Everyone received Palm Crosses which were lovingly made by our Monday afternoon bible study (Mondays @2 – all are welcome!). The Sunday school also received a letter of thanks from the Emily Murphy Center in Stratford for the activity packages they made for the center. The activity packages were made with the leftover funds from our annual Lasagna Lunch which was held this past November. Because of your generosity we were able to donate many toques and mittens to Koats for Kids in St. Marys AND make roughly 15 activity packages for children to be sent to the Emily Murphy Center. Thank you ENUC family!

As a reminder everyone is invited to our joint worship service commemorating the last supper at Browns United Church this Thursday evening (March 29th) @ 5pm.

All are welcome to join us at ENUC at 5pm on Good Friday (March 30th) for a reflective service remembering all that Jesus has done for us at the cross. There will be scripture, prayer, quiet music, a short message and communion to commemorate this day.

And of course Easter Sunday will be Sunday April 1st with Sunday School at 10am and the celebration of the Resurrection at 11am

Worship with us this Holy and Sacred week and remember all that Jesus has done for us. We would love to have you with us.

Until Next time,

Sheila Greason & Pastor Katie Nightingale



From the Gospel of Mark Chapter 8 & 9, March 18th 

On Sunday March 11th we heard from the Gospel of Mark chapter 8 and this past Sunday March 18th we heard from the Gospel of Mark chapter 9.

On March 11th we heard about the unique relationship between Jesus and his disciples. As the disciples left everything behind to follow Jesus, they demonstrated a leap of faith. We were also reminded of the importance of the words found in Mark 8:33 just prior to Jesus’ rebuke of Peter.  Pastor Katie reminded us that Jesus turned around and saw the disciples in their moments of grief and that their pain did not go unnoticed by Jesus. By turning around Jesus met the disciples where they were at and reminded us that Jesus meet us where we are at too.

On March 18th we heard about the transfiguration of Jesus on the mountaintop. We were reminded that the act of climbing the mountain was like processing our grief. It can be hard work to get to the top, but the view is worth it in the end! The transfiguration gives us strength and hope and reminds us that even in our darkest moments Jesus has been with us the whole time. Jesus calls us down from the mountain top after the transfiguration to return to everyday living so that we might give hope to others.


From the Gospel of Mark Chapter 7, March 4th 

On Sunday Marth 4th we heard from the Gospel of March Chapter 7:24-30 which is the story of the woman who seeks out Jesus for healing for her sick daughter.

Pastor Katie told us that while Scripture does not attribute any name to the woman who seeks Jesus out in this chapter a early 3rd century Church father, Pope Clement the 1st has. The  name he has attributed to her and her daughter has been Justa, and Bernice.

The message was this week was told to us from the perspective of Justa, as if we were hearing Justa tell it to us ourselves. Who in her eagerness to have her daughter healed hurried to Jesus seeking just a small amount (or a crumb) of His healing power. She, even though a gentile, intuitively knew of God’s healing love and grace and sought Jesus out. Because of her faith, and determination, Jesus granted her request and her daughter is healed.

Mark Chapter 7 teaches us that faith and persistence changes lives. It reminds us of the vastness of Gods love, and how everyone is worthy of having that love bestowed upon them. No matter who they are or where they come from.

Later in the afternoon our Sunday School enjoyed an afternoon of bowling at St. Marys Bowling lanes with some pizza after at the Church. I have included a few pictures of our bowling fun below for your enjoyment!

Until next time,

Sheila Greason

From the Gospel of Mark Chapter 4, February 11th 

On Sunday February 11th we heard from the Gospel of Mark chapter 4:1-20 – The parable of the sower.

The parable of the sower was used to remind us about the reception of God’s Word by the listeners. We were reminded of the sowers outrageous optimism as he sowed his seed. Especially into soil that may not be fertile.

The parable reminds us that sometimes we must sow the seed over and over before even one takes root. We must be prepared to face rejection and sow outrageously in hope of new growth.

Our Sunday School also enjoyed a outing to Wildwood Care Center Sunday morning before Church where we were delighted to visit with and meet many of the residents. Our Sunday Children sang songs and handed out hand-made Valentine’s to each resident.

Earlier in the week on Tuesday February 6th we enjoyed a Family Games night at ENUC. We had pizza and make your own sundaes and enjoyed the company of our families and also Syrian friends too!

Here are a few pictures for your to enjoy!

Sheila Greason


From the Gospel of Mark Chapter 2, January 28th 

The theme of the service from January 28th was Celebration and looking back on the accomplishments of 2017.

Pastor Katie showed us pictures of baptisms, Sunday school activities, Foodgrain Growing project activities, Vacation Bible School, Fundraising activities, Special guest music, and other highlights from the year.

Pastor Katie reminded us of the unconditional love and welcoming atmosphere that our church community is known for. By showing that love we are the hands and feet of Jesus.

We welcome all to our Church without question, like Jesus welcomed all to his table without question.

Here are a few pictures from the year for your to enjoy!

Sheila Greason

From the Gospel of Mark, January 21st

The Message on January 21st was based on the opening line found in the Gospel of Mark which is “The beginning of the good news of Jesus Christ, the son of God….”

Pastor Katie shared the following thoughts:

We are no different from the first hearers of Marks message. God gave the power to choose right and wrong to the people of Mark’s time and to us as well.

We are given assurance that when we wander in the wilderness of our lives, we are never alone, God is with us.

We will be studying the Gospel of Mark from now until Easter Sunday. Please join us for this series as we explore this gospel book!

Sheila Greason