What ENUC means to our family…

26046997_10159831667865302_6776383367580715661_nENUC has been a staple in my upbringing from before I was born. My parent’s were married in this church. In fact, my grandparents were faithful members here and chose this church to attend many years ago.

Attending ENUC allows me to stay connected to their community and friends that I would not have contact with otherwise. Being able to sit in the same building they did for many years allows me to feel connected with them.


          I find religion a difficult subject to discuss because Faith is such a personal experience. The fact that anyone of any race and religion are welcome to come worship is very necessary and comforting in this day and age.
        ENUC provides a weekly sermon based on the Bible but also on how it is relevant to being a better person, and working towards a better world. For people who do not necessarily find a benefit in worship, they can attend and see the value in being a better human.
       ENUC provides a connection to the past, a space that is judgement free, a value to the human spirit. My family cherishes East Nissouri and I hope to keep the tradition of attending for generations to come.
                   Dana, Andrew & Molly-Mae Bratton