Why we call ENUC “OUR HOME”

IMG_7219_B&wWhy we call East Nissouri Union Church – “OUR HOME”

East Nissouri Church is “Our Home away from Home.” Don & I have been coming to the church since we were married and Don went to Sunday School in his younger years at the church. The neighbors all went to Sunday School back in Dons younger age.  Our own family of three daughters went to Sunday School, Young Peoples Group ( with Sheila Greason acting as a wonderful leader). This was a place where the group all had a great time. They all joined the church with church classes. Our daughters were married at the church.  East Nissouri is a small church but a very strong church.

The church being a interdenominational church is a great way to have families come to the church, with events of fund raising, pot lucks, bowling (with the Sunday School) family game night etc. Everyone is welcome into the church fellowship. Excellent way to to meet families, new families and keep the friendship a feeling of warmth for us all.

Our Womens Group is a great way to meet once a month for a Programme and a social time for the women of the community.  We have speakers, trips and make many donations to lots of worthwhile organizations.

Our Pastor is Katie Nightingale, a young Pastor with a warm and vibrant welcome to each of us on a Sunday morning or at any events.

Don & Gail Adams