The Church that the Sheep used to hang out under…



This picture is East Nissouri Union Church sometime after 1879. When it was known as East Nissouri Baptist Church.

Earlier this month we heard the story of ENUC and how in 1861 East Nissouri Baptist Church was established. In 1871 the the building you see here in this picture was built (minus the vestry). But something happened and the church was left abandoned and closed down later that year. The community closed and the building used as none other than a place for sheep to hangout under.

But in 1872 the spirit moved in someone’s heart and they saw beyond that sheep shed and they saw a church. This picture proves that even failed attempts can come back to life.
In 1872 the community that was thought to be a failure was restored. The sheep shed was returned back to a church. The community flourished and became who we are now.

It truly amazes me that we were a sheep shed.

This month you heard our story. But the story of ENUC is not complete without you. After all ENUC is not only a building, it is us the people of this community who write this story. And it’s far from over!

In 1871 we were a sheep shed, what will we be in 2017 and beyond?

What is your story? Because stories are important. They shape us and bring us together. Let’s tell our stories! Because if God can make a church out of an abandoned church where sheep used to hang out underneath of it then what he can do if we tell our stories…

This story is far from over and I am so excited to be a part of it with you!

Pastor Katie


PS does anyone know who is in this picture???


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