Promotion Sunday!

Please join with us as we kick off our Sunday school this fall! 

On Sunday, September 13th we will be having our Promotion Sunday. All children and youth are invited to join us in a special worship service this Sunday as children move into their prospective grades for the coming year.

We also welcome Special Guest Speakers Kara Rijnen-Weekes & Tayden Weekes

They will be sharing with us about their time Building a Bottle School in Guatemala.



Bottle schools are schools built using plastic bottles stuffed with inorganic trash. Bottle schools are built using tried and tested post and beam construction. The foundations, columns and beams are made from concrete reinforced with rebar. The difference with traditional construction is that instead of cinder-blocks, the walls are made using “eco-bricks”. Bottle schools are much cheaper to build than traditional schools, they clean up the environment, teach lessons about environmental sustainability, and involve the entire community in their construction, resulting in a sense of pride and ownership.

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